Imagine entering a temple of Speed as the Imola or Daytona Circuits.
Be waiting splendid Supercar and a staff of professional instructors and pilots ready to give you the right directions to address one of the most spectacular and exciting tracks in the world; we will teach you how to handle the car’s physics.

It will be a fantastic experience that you will remember along with the teachings collected in the day as a time of joy and wonder at the same time, these are the sensations you feel driving of these jewels on track.

At your side there will always be an experienced driver who will find the right form in order to transfer the advice on how to deal with the challenging a circuit.

All in total and maximum safety, this fact is our first goal, to make you feel strong emotions in complete and professional safety.

Do you want to be faster in a supercar on a racetrack?

You can drive one of our supercars choosing from the most prestigious: Ferrari, Porsche e Lamborghini!

Do you want to push YOUR supercar to the limit?

You can choose to drive it on our wolderful circuit, with the coaching of a professional drivers!

Reaching your satisfaction is easy with our special recipe of one, single, ingredient: TOP QUALITY.